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I love good writing. Samir's Critical Corner will have reviews on World Literature but you will also find reviews on various subjects like Mathematics or Tai Chi, and on specific niches like Nigerian writers.

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A Small Voice in the Virtual Ocean

Dear Friends,


I am infuriated like you all with everything that has been happening you-know-where lately... but is it wise for us to carry on with that fury in this sanctuary? Should BookLikes not be our haven, a peaceful place to start over and discuss the one thing that binds us all together - our love of books! What say we don't let the you-know-who overlords bad intentions and negative energy come here as well?


I hardly do anything anymore over 'there' and get depressed each time I log in because I'm reminded of everything that's still going on and only getting worse, and I see all my friends affected and their lovely work as well... it's so depressing. Then I come to BookLikes and I smile, I'm at peace, especially when I see more and more of my friends coming here. I have renewed hope that I'll stay in touch with them and that my experience will expand and so will my horizons through their wonderful reflections and thorough reviews of literature. 


Let's keep the love here and the fury 'there'. An occasional update is fine but if we don't watch out, all we'll be doing is turning this site into an anti-GR campaign. I really want to read your wonderful material on books and engage you in commentary and reflection.