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[Updated] Transparency, Amazon and BookLikes

I normally don't post my communications, but in light of the subject matter and the whole fiasco with GR, I think some transparency is well called for. So below is an email I have just sent the BookLikes team and I look forward (as always) to their response, which I will also post here as well [This is now at the bottom of this post] . I hope they will consider the suggestion.



Hi guys,

Seeing as how awful Amazon is treating loyal GoodReads followers lately - I've decided to boycott Amazon and their subsidiaries such as BookDepository.
Sadly, Amazon seems to be the (only?) company you work with, so I wanted to pitch the following two wonderful websites for your consideration, to incorporate into your search system and allow readers to choose for themselves (which you already do), the companies they would like to purchase from.
One of them is www.play.com and the other is www.awesomebooks.com The first I have used for over a decade and they are great and reliable. The other I have just started using and, well, they're awesome. The team behind it made me think of you guys at BookLikes, passionate, idealistic and all about the customer! They may not have reviews on their site (but that's what BL is for, right?), and their database is only 2 million strong, but they're still awesome and they support some amazing literacy projects around the world with their proceeds!
So please, please add these companies to you search engines (and any others you know of) and let me say that BL is truly the ideal home where freedom of speech and freedom of choice exists, a place where competition is encouraged.
And keep up the amazing work, you guys rock!
BookLikes Response:


Thank you so much for warm words :) We'll definitely take a look at book source that you've send us. We're working on bigger book data base all the time so it's worth to stick around :)

And we already have more option than Amazon. Just to do Settings/Search and pick book sources you wish to see in your search box and Save: http://booklikes.com/settings/search They will be immediately added to your book search boxes in the service. To change book source just click on the icon of bookstore in search box and choose another.


Hope it's helpful :)


Please write with any questions or concerns. I'll be happy to help.

All the best,