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I love good writing. Samir's Critical Corner will have reviews on World Literature but you will also find reviews on various subjects like Mathematics or Tai Chi, and on specific niches like Nigerian writers.

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Labors of the Heart: Stories - Claire Davis This started out promising with well written prose on relationship stories. But 60 pages into the book, on the fourth story, I felt I was reading the same thing over and over. The style of writing and story construction is the same in each story and quickly becomes monotonous. It's so easy to read this passively without being engaged in the prose. The characters' situations are the focus here, leaving me completely detached from the characters themselves. Worst of all, the narrative drift between each line of dialogue drove me nuts: someone says something then the narrator tells us what the character thinks or feels about it, or gives us a flashback or fills in the details of the story, before the next line of dialogue and then does the same thing and this continues as long as there is dialogue... I'm sorry, but that defies the whole concept of dialogue!

I'm moving on, there are to many good books still to read.