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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss What the hell happened Rothfuss?

How sad to be into this series and abandon it half way through the second book. I'm not claiming the first book was well-written, as there seems to be a standard in the fantasy genre of how bad writing should be and everyone insists on keeping up this standard. I suppose if I want to read a fantasy novel on occasion, then I do so at my own peril. I can live with that. But when the writing deteriorates from chapter to chapter, and when I've already read the previous book which is no where nearly as bad as this, then I get pissed. Really pissed.

Readers beware, this is mind-numbing prose with dragged out scenes and the worst kind of writing possible. I'd encourage Rothfuss to sign up to a creative writing workshop 101 and just grasp the basics of the craft before unleashing another mammoth 1000+ page book into this world. Have mercy and spare the trees because it's really not worth it. Why am I bashing this book? Repetitive phrases in a scene, every tag has to have a new adverb: he said bitingly, she said chillingly, he demanded abruptly... there are hundreds of these, stage directions with each line of dialogue, and of course, the myriad synonyms for looking and smiling. And let's not forget to add every cliché possible - 'he stared daggers'. As I said earlier, I'm willing to overlook all this - despite my editor's heart imploding - for the sake of a good plot, after all, that's why I picked up a commercial fantasy. But this is where Rothfuss disappointed me the most, Kvothe develops so slowly and the whole trip out of the academy and all the scenes about the Maer were such nonsense compared to the previous plot lines... and they just wouldn't end! Everything is so repetitive.

My second advise to Mr. Rothfuss, please fire your current editor and hire an entire top-notch team, you'll need them. 500 pages into the book and I'm throwing it into the recycle bin. What a shame, what a waste.