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I love good writing. Samir's Critical Corner will have reviews on World Literature but you will also find reviews on various subjects like Mathematics or Tai Chi, and on specific niches like Nigerian writers.

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An Anatomy Of Drama - Martin Esslin An easy and accessible first book to understanding drama. Reads quickly and uses simple examples from plays once in a while to illustrate the authors points. It's certainly out-dated though when it comes to television since that was, in the time of the books publication, a prominent advancement. But theater, radio and television aside, internet and graphics technology - not to mention the decline in Universities funding literature - should also be factored into discussions of how it affects drama, both in terms of production and frequency.

I particularly enjoyed the insights into stage performance - from text to stage transitions. Also the insights on how playwrights are inspired by each others works and how certain themes are transformed from one genration to another or from one medium to another were interesting.