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Mr. Bukowski's Wild Ride - Rodger Jacobs Mr. Bukowski’s Wild Ride is a flash fiction collection by Rodger Jacobs. It is a short book at 63 pages with 38 flash fiction stories, but do not let the size fool you. You can certainly read them in one sitting or throughout a day yet you might not do them full justice.

Each story is masterfully crafted with precision detail-telling like a heat-seeking missile. Take for example:

Maxine clawed at an extra-large bag of Lay’s potato chips resting between her meaty thighs on the plaid sofa.

from Bukowski and the Weather Report

What more could you possibly want to know about Maxine that is not covered in this one line? Flash fiction is not just about economy of words but making sure those words deliver every ounce of impact.

Then there are the brilliantly thought out parallels by Jacobs which immerse you immediately in their alternative universe, whether literary characters or cartoon characters, they are all well executed:

As Mr. Bukowski awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect. This was a bad thing, of course, on many, many levels. With pincers instead of hands he found the refrigerator door impossible to open.

from Bukowski’s Metamorphosis

The stories are hard-boiled and gritty, basically no-bullshit-tell-it-like-it-is. My only reservation is that a few of the stories are abundant with cussing that feel out of place. In these selected stories, there is less substance and energy, making the overuse of cussing feel like a mechanism to create an edginess. For me, this is my only qualm in an otherwise masterfully crafted collection.